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Featured Client: Casa Italiana!

November 20, 2013

We are so excited to announce the launch of our client Casa Italiana’s site.



To read more click on Casa’s logo!

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Code on running pt.2

2013-11-15 16.02.22

Keep it simple…

If you can write it on one line rather than four do.

Clear out the clutter and streamline.

This is code and life worthy advice.

Running eliminates the fluff both from the body and the mind.

Good code is something to strive for.

Clean and efficient with a novel approach or tried and tested.

Whichever works.

Enjoy the view and the journey…




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Running on tech… pt.1

November 19, 2013

2013-11-05 11.50.37

To further my thoughts regarding technology and it’s human impact— I am certain that technology will cause us to better know ourselves.

We are setting our preferences on every device. Slowly we are customizing the tools we use to deliver user specific experience on every level.

As decision making moves into the hands of the user the user assumes more control over content and function.

The demand is put upon the developer to meet this expectation. Technology must play a role in knowing the user as much as the user must

know the technology. More importantly the user defines her own taste specifically as she considers the content.

The important caveat on the side of technology is that we develop with the dynamic ability to change as our users change.

Nothing is static and becoming caged from growth by our own preference setting is not a desirable outcome.

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While Running

November 15, 2013


Many things are clarified through the linear movement of running. I have experienced this as have so have many people I have encountered. So, it is not surprising that an idea came to me while staring at some trees through the window as I ran on the treadmill on a day too cold for outdoor running.

I believe that technology will define us as much as we define technology. The intimate nature in which we are interacting with our devices is creating a virtual map of the human mind. Billions of thoughts are captured each day by billions of people. We are redefining privacy. We are writing arguably more than ever before. And in the process we are creating a chronology of  the manner in which the human being thinks and feels. When we choose to share and why has as much to do with our need for connectivity as it does with our own inner emotive motivations.

These seemingly separate from ourselves devices will integrate with us and we will fuse with the technology we are using. That is if we have not already crossed this virtual line. A world of responsibility comes with this relationship between technology and human. It is important that we not think of ourselves as passive users of the systems we enjoy. Rather, we must use deliberately and with the understanding that what was once private is no more. What is important to be kept private from others is redefined. We want to share and in doing so we are truly becoming a global human race. I have many more thoughts on this topic. Next time I am at the gym I will be taking notes on my device for a follow up post. Happy Friday world.

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Autumn Musings…

October 22, 2013


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Looking forward with reflection

July 31, 2013

Despite our best efforts to remain in the present, we often find moments slipping by us while we dream of the future or dwell on the past. Perhaps this is not a bad thing but time is a commodity we are each ultimately limited in. What is the key then to following the thread of time while maintaing heightened awareness of the moment at hand? Is it possible that technology can assist us in mindfulness or will our desire to multi-task cause us to become more and more scattered like dandelion seeds?

We can tweet our thoughts and broadcast our ideas almost instantaneously, is this a new way of journaling? After all, privacy is being redefined, perhaps the key to our journals… our interior monologues will be shed as we globalize creativity and move toward an inspired and interwoven social future.

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July 30, 2013

Burgeoning technological advances are exciting and terrifying in the same breath! While we seek to imagine and conceive the latest and greatest new gadget or platform a new sense of social and ethical responsibility arises. Should it not be akin to passing gas in public to interrupt a conversation at dinner with friends to look down and communicate with a different friend? We must recode ourselves as human beings as we encode all of the activities we perform. If we do not actively seek to maintain our civility we are at risk of becoming slothful beings, incapable of communicating in the present or creating a coherent thought of more than 140 chars.


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